• The new school year Information

    Meet the Teacher- This is when you find out what class your child is in. A time for your child to meet his/her teacher and to see their classroom and playground. Important day for your child. Parent Orientation- For parents to learn what we do, what we expect from you, and how to make this the best possible year for your child. This night is for parents only.

    First Day of School for your child- We have different start dates for different classes.  Please see below.

    Morning 4's Classes, Transitional Kindergarten

    and 5 Day 4's Class and Kindergarten

    Wednesday, August 14th

    Meet the Teacher: 10:00-11:00 am

    Parent Orientation: 6- 7:00 pm (Parents only, no children please)

    Wednesday, August 21st

    First day of school: 8:45 am- 11:30am

    First day of school for kindergarten 8:45-2:00pm

    Morning Classes- 3's am Classes

    Thursday, August 15th

    Meet the Teacher: 10:00am-11:00 am

    Parent Orientation: 6-7:00 pm (Parents only, no children please)

    Thursday, August 22nd

    First Day of school: 8:45 to 11:30 pm


    Lunch bunch will begin Monday, September 16th. Sign ups start September 4th at drop off.

    Extra Curricular sign ups start at Parent Orientation. (lunch time dance, sports, and science classes.

    Enrichment will begin the first day of school. (min. of 5 kids) You can sign up NOW! See Chris in the School office.

    Paper work: All paperwork needs to be in before the start of school.

    NO EXCEPTIONS. That includes complete shot records.

    Kindergarten Supply list is online at mightylambs.org


    Kindergarten Parents: These are a list of shots that are required by state for those entering Kindergarten:

    4 doses of Polio. Three meet the requirements if the first dose was given on or after their 4th birthday for ages 4-6 or after 2nd birthday for ages 7-17.

    5 doses of DTP Four doses of the first was given on or after 4th birthday for ages 4-6

    2 doses of MMR

    3 doses needed for Hepatitis B

    2 dose of Varicella or health care provider-documentation of chicken pox.

    (2nd varicella shot in new. Affective 7/1/2019 by Health Dept,)

    All paper work and shots must be turned in prior to school starting for all students.

    Please Call Jill Larsen at 582-5856 with any shot or record requirement questions.


    We are looking for Teacher Aides for MWF partime 8:30 to 12:30pm. . If you love kids and are interested. Please contact the office. Perfect for a mommy!!

    Have a great summer and we will see you soon!


    Suzee Johnston


registration for the 2019-2020 School year

Marguerite Christian School

What we have to offer:

3 year old classes -T/TH am and pm and a 3 day pm option

4 year old classes -  MWF am or TWTH pm and  a NEW!   5 day am option

Transitional kindergarten- MTWTHF- am and pm

Kindergarten - MTWTHF-  am to 2:00pm

Lunch bunch, Enrichment classes, early morning drop off, special days, dress up days, chapel, and much more.


We'd be happy to schedule a tour for you and your child.  We tour daily at 9:30.  You can email the director, Suzee, at Suzee@mightylambs.org or call (949)582-5856.  


Important News:

  • Feburary 4 Registration for Church Members 8:00am (currently attending MVCofC)

  • Feburary 5 Registration for Currently Enrolled 7:00am

  • Feburary 6 Registration for Alumni 8:00am (previously had a sibling here)

  • Feburary 7 Registraion for Open to the Public 7:00am

Registration form and Tuition Express form available in the forms section. We do not accept any paperwork before your given registration time.

What will be offered:

  • 3 year old classes -T/TH am and pm and a 3 day pm option

  • 4 year old classes -  MWF am or TWTH pm and  a 5 day am option

  • Transitional kindergarten- MTWTHF- half day

  • Kindergarten - MTWTHF-  am to 2:00pm



At Marguerite Christian School we play, we learn, we have fun!  We learn about God, how to pray, recite bible verses and sing about GOD's glory.   We learn things that prepare us for kindergarten so we are ready to attend big school when the time comes!

Parent Testimonials

We know Marguerite Christian School is the best preschool in Orange country, but don't just take it from us.  Watch this short video on MCS and listen to why Tim has enrolled all 5 of his children!

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We encourage parents wanting more information to schedule a tour of MCS.  Once you've had a first hand experience at Marguerite Christian School we are sure you will agree, MCS is the best preschool for your child.  Normally tours are given @9:30am &1:30pm daily, but we understand if you have a different schedule, and we are always willing to make special exceptions. You can email our school director, suzee Johnston directly.