Registration for the 2019-2020 school year

Open to the public

To Register:

You will need 2 things to secure a spot:

1. The current year enrollment form. 

2. The Tuition Express form (also below) with a voided check attached.


You will be given a 11 page Package to fill out or you may print one below.  Page 3 will have to be stamped by a doctor.  Return the pack along with shot records and then your child is ready to start.

Parent Orientation and Meet the teacher are the week before school starts

Here you will find all the paperwork and important dates you will need to be ready for the upcoming school year.  Just click on the form you wish to view (all forms are in pdf).  ALL PAPERWORK NEEDS TO BE IN BEFORE THE START OF SCHOOL.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  THAT INCLUDES SHOT RECORDS.  

Shots Required for 3's and 4’s

Polio- 3 doses       MMR- 1 dose

HIB- 1 dose any age ( on or after 1’st birthday)

HEP B- 3 doses     Varicella- I dose

DTP- 4 doses

1. Tuition Express- needed for registration

  • needed along with a voided check and the registration form to secure a spot

2. School Supplies- Kindergarten Only

  • for the start of school if you are in our kindergarten program.

3. Intent to Withdraw

  • two week written notice required ( see parent handbook)

4. School Supplies - Transitional Kindergarten

  • for the start of school if you are in our transitional kindergarten

5. Reading Club Form

  • optional reading club.

  • Runs from September to mid - May.

6. Admission Paperwork (needed before the start of school)

  • needed paper work before child can start school.

  • Along with shots and a physician's report

 7. 2019-2020 School Calendar

  • complete school year ( please also check website calendar, it is kept up to day daily)


8.  Summer camp

  • registration for summer camp begins April 30

  • If you are not a currently enrolled student, you must have all admission paperwork in to attend summer camp, including shots and physician's report.

9. NEW 2019-2020 Registration form

  • Registration for students starting in Feburary 2019

  • If you are a new student you also need a Tuition Express form.



New REQUIRED shot as of 7-1-2019 is a 2nd varicella.

These are a list of vaccinations that are required by state for those entering Kindergarten:
4 doses of Polio.  Three meet the requirements if the first dose was given on or after their 4th birthday for ages 4-6 or after 2nd birthday for ages 7-17.
5 doses of DTP Four doses of the first was given on or after 4th birthday for ages 4-6
2 doses of MMR

1 dose of Hib on or after 1st birthday
3 doses needed for Hepatitis B
2 doses of Varicella or health care provider-documentation of chicken pox.
All paper work and shots must be turned in prior to school starting for all students.


Starting Jan. 1st 2016 Senate Bill 277 has taken effect. This bill has now eliminated the Personal Belief Form. If you are on a delayed or different shot schedule please read this form. 


Please Call Jill Larsen at 582-5856 with any shot or record requirement questions.

   Parent Volunteers  Shot Requirements

A new senate bill ( SB 792) passed this year that requires all childcare facilities to have employees immunized along with volunteers.  So we can no longer have an open campus for parents.  To volunteer proof of Measles shot (MMR), Pertussis (TDAP), TB test, and Flu shot.  You can opt out of the flu shot by writing a letter that says you are refusing it and sign and date it.  You will also need a statement of good heath which you also write that says you are in good health to work with kids, sign and date it.  Turn all the paper work into the office.  We will make you a name tag and you are good to volunteer.  Please sign into the office each time you volunteer.

Recap of what you need to turn in to the office to volunteer.  Proof of:

1. Measles shot

2. Pertussis shot

3. TB clearance

4. Flu shot  (or letter to opt out, see above)

5. Statement of good health Written by you.