Registration for the 2017-2018 School year is coming soon!

Feburary 7th:   Registration for Our Church Members

Feburary 8th:   Registration for Currently Enrolled

Feburary 9th:   Registration for Alumni  (Had a previous student here)

Feburary 10th:  Registration is Open to the Public.

Registration needs to be done in person. Our door open at 7am on Feburary 8th and 10th and we close at 4pm.  To hold a space you will need a registration form, a tuition express form and a voided check.  Those forms can be found on our forms section.


At Marguerite Christian School we play, we learn, we have fun!  We learn about God, how to pray, recite bible verses and sing about GOD's glory.   We learn things that prepare us for kindergarten so we are ready to attend big school when the time comes!

Parent Testimonials

We know Marguerite Christian School is the best preschool in Orange country, but don't just take it from us.  Watch this short video on MCS and listen to why Tim has enrolled all 5 of his children!

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We encourage parents wanting more information to schedule a tour of MCS.  Once you've had a first hand experience at Marguerite Christian School we are sure you will agree, MCS is the best preschool for your child.  Normally tours are given @9:30am &1:30pm daily, but we understand if you have a different schedule, and we are always willing to make special exceptions. You can email our school director, suzee Johnston directly.